“When in Rome…”


I’m sorry for the title to this post, I know it’s one of the biggest cliches in the English language, but it was too irresistible to pass up! I’ll try to be more creative in the future.

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Anyway, I’m finally in my apartment shared with two other girls in Rome. One is from Denmark is “studying abroad” for her political science master’s degree and is here until January, and the other woman is also the landlord. She is Italian (actually Calabrian, but at the northern border), and she works at a travel agency.

To get the details “out of the way:” My flights were mostly good – I’m lucky I slept through much of both! – but my second flight from London to Rome was 15-30 minutes delayed. Not bad.

It’s a little past 8 a.m. here, and I forced myself to get up at around 6:30 so I can quickly acclimate to the time change of seven hours.

I have an interview at 3 p.m. today, and I hope to get unpacked and organized in the morning. I’m planning on walking around my area to explore what’s around me. I’m very near to the center of Rome, and I really love the area from my previous time here. And I. Need. Coffee.

This was a bit of a short “catch up” post. I hope to make the blog more about my unique experiences, perceptions, anecdotes, and more in the future! I definitely don’t want this blog to evolve into a sterile account of, “Today I did this, and then I did this, and I saw this, and then I went to bed.” I am lucky/privileged/blessed to have visited Rome so many times, and I feel so comfortable here, I am very much looking forward to jumping into being a Roman as much as possible. I’m still, and probably always will be, in awe at this city, its history, past, culture, and meaning to western civilization. That I am a resident here – even if it’s temporary – is something I still cannot wrap my mind around. How fortunate I am to be able to sacrilegiously worship at the altar that is my Rome every day.




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