Auschwitz-Birkenau, Part IV

So, here we go.

I feel like I should coin the acronym IDKWTS – I don’t know what to say… and I don’t…

Ahhh Erica it’s not about YOU and YOUR feelings! Of course it’s not.  But how else are we to “interpret” this horror? Answer: There, of course, is no way. There is no translation in the history of humanity and the history of any language ever uttered on this planet. Because this is not a “human” crime or crimes, is it? …But isn’t it ALSO deeply “human?” And by that I mean, (and I’m NO expert on any mammals or other species), aren’t we the only species to hate because someone’s last name is “Klein” or “Aaronovich?” Aren’t we the only ones that condemn someone for having a Torah portion (bar/bat mitzvah) instead of a first communion? This is nothing new. I am far from the first to say this.

But here are my pictures of Auschwitz II.





The actual place. That picture we’ve seen so many times. The train tracks…


I thought this trampled-on rose was “thought-provoking” – in an awful way – to find…


The ruins of Crematorium II-V from afar:


For the rest of this post, I can only show pictures and the inadequate words of the signs displayed – in English and Hebrew (on purpose) – sorry I cut off the Hebrew in the second picture.








Maybe more to come in a future post. Not sure. Not sure what can be said.



One thought on “Auschwitz-Birkenau, Part IV

  1. I didn’t know that the SS tried to “hide” what had transpired at Auschwitz and that it was subsequently dismantled e dynamited. You’re right of course- there are no adequate words, no way to explain the atrocities committed there. I was moved by your picture of the roses on the tracks that led so many to their death. Perhaps that image of love and enduring strength triumphing over evil is what we must take away from this symbol of Hell on earth. Never Again 😪💪🏼

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